Be-Bobbi – Jessica R.


Jessica is amazing!

Multi-talented and very creative. She loves to draw and create all sorts of crafts. But  some days are tough because she has Dystonia – which creates seizure-like events and has to wear a helmet to keep safe. But Bobbi-Toads only sees her strength, talents and love.  Jessica is a true “Bobbi”!!


Meet other “Bobbi’s”


SophieCheerSophie is from Illinois  and is 7 years old.  Her favorite thing about herself is her blonde hair and funny personality.  She likes to help her little brother do things when he can’t figure it out on his own.  She is unique in that she is very athletic and strong and loves gymnastics, cheer-leading and softball.




blue3Kiana is 9 years old and is from California. Her favorite thing about herself is that she loves to laugh and smile and make others smile and laugh too. She loves to help lots of people and is a girl scout to help even more people.  One time she went with her Girl Scout troop to serve a Mother’s ay brunch to local elderly ladies, they loved having her there for company and she spent a long time sitting and talking with all of them. They said that she had made a very special Mother’s Day to remember.  She is unique because she is a girl scout who loves gymnastics and does everything with a smile!



pumpkinMackenzie is 9 years old and is from Florida. Her favorite thing about herself is her sense of humor.  She is always making people laugh and she loves to do it.  She recently helped someone in her class who got called a name and stood up for them. She is unique because of her personality and ability to always make someone smile even when they’re down.


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