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Is your Charity or PTA looking for School Fundraising Ideas?

Bobbi-Toads offers the most exclusive, adorable, and high-quality sneakers for little girls. These comfortable kicks feature embossed “toes” in the rubber cap, which can be painted over and over again with nail polish – just like your real nails! Kiddos love them because they can paint their “nails” to match any mood or outfit, and adults are equally excited about Bobbi-Toads because o the opportunity it creates to make irreplaceable memories along with the learning tool that a pair of shoes can provide. While Bobbi-Toads sneaker do work well with any nail polish and remover, the Toads Team offers their bright and cosmetic Bobbi-Polish nail polish, which is non-toxic and eco friendly.

Fundraising Opportunity:  Together, we can encourage kids to be themselves and express their creativity in an unique and versatile way, while also offering adults the unparalleled opportunity to continuously create fun memories with their little ones.


Option A:

  • Charity earns $10 for each order placed
  • $10 off for each order for customers

Option B:

  • Charity earns $10 for each order placed
  • Customers receive 20% off each order

Option C:

  • Charity earns 20% of each order placed
  • Customers receive 20% off each order

*All orders tracked with a unique promo code to be entered at checkout.


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