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What type of nail polish and remover can I use on my Bobbi-Toads Paintables?

Bobbi-Polish is the recommended brand of nail polish and remover for your Bobbi-Toads Paintables, but most other nail polishes do work, too! We recommend you use non-toxic nail polish along with non-toxic remover. If you choose to use another type of polish, we suggest you use a clear base coat to reduce the possibility of discoloration.

Simply use nail polish remover, as you would on your real nails. Now your shoes are ready to decorate again!

Unfortunately not - using nail polish on any shoes that are not the Bobbi-Toads Paintables will result in discoloration. However, you can still get creative and customize your shoes with Bobbi-Stickers!

More durable than you can ever believe. We make our products with the highest quality, because that’s what we would want!

Yep, of course! It’s actually really easy - just use regular, everyday cleaning wipes or spray! If you’re referring to taking the nail polish off, simply use nail polish remover.

All of Bobbi-Toads shoes are vegan, meaning they aren’t made from animal leather, but rather a sustainable substitute. Our Bobbi-Polish is eco-friendly, non-toxic, hypoallergenic, and all natural - “safe as mud” as Piggy Paint, our manufacturer, likes to call it! And our packaging? Fully recyclable! The shoeboxes are high-quality and we encourage re-use, but please recycle if you don’t plan on using/keeping it!

Yes! Bobbi-Polish is safe and non-toxic, making it perfect to match to your real nails as well!

If your Bobbi-Polish is separating, that’s because of its natural properties! Just give it a shake and you’ll be good to go. If your Bobbi-Polish is thickening, you can add a few drops of water and shake it up until you reach your preferred consistency.

Yes; as with any other nail polish, we suggest using caution when applying.

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